So far we have covered:

Canvas: size and background

Drawing shapes: rect, ellipse, triangle, line and point

Colors: RGB, grayscale and transparency, fill, stroke, noFill, noStroke and strokeWeight

Exercise - a compostition with Processing

Now you know the basics of drawing with Processing. You can draw different shapes, lines and dots and know how to use colors. Use these skills to create a composition with Processing.

You have only scratched the surface of Processing but there’s already so much you can do! You can draw inspiration from artistic movements such as suprematism, geometric abstraction and Op art. You can try to focus on the abstract spaces created with simple forms, shapes and colors instead of detailed and elaborate constructions. Below you can find examples about related artwork:

From top left: Kazimir Malevitš: Suprematism (Supremus No. 58), 1916; Mino Argento: New York, 1973; Kazimir Malevitš: Black Square, 1915; Theo van Doesburg: Composition VII (the three graces), 1973

Theo van Doesburg, Composition décentralisée, 1924

Composition with Processing

Use these examples to draw inspiration for your own composition with Processing. Remember to save your work!